Anarchy on the pitch!

The Soccer Punk steps up to show the square heads who’s boss. Be sly, ballsy & rash – and flick the ball straight past their noggins into the goal.

Did we say “sly”? We should rather say: be slyer than anyone who ever walked the pitch. It ain’t enough to pass one opponent and shoot straight at the goal and that’s it – nah, here you fling the ball past three bouncing opponents, topple a human pyramid, knock several square heads flat, and only then score the goal. And that was still an easy shot!

What’s in it for ya?

  • A couple carefully designed levels. No more tedious variations of the same old shtick.
  • Jouncy physics. Meaning: the square heads topple over more realistically than you and your buddies on your latest pub crawl.
  • Unforeseen consequences. When your opponents doggedly stand together, blocking and covering all loopholes, you find the answer: over the heads of the stacked squares, below the feet of the bouncers, casually picking up all the stars, and into the goal – and then you can claim that this is how you planned it!
  • It ain’t so easy. If you want to get good high scores – how about 10.000 in the first level, buddy? – then you gotta think of something.

’nuff said. Download the thing and go for it.

  • Soccer Punk Screenshot 1
  • Soccer Punk Screenshot 2
  • Soccer Punk Screenshot 3
  • Soccer Punk Screenshot 4
  • Soccer Punk Screenshot 5

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